Midsummer Knight

"Midsummer Knight"

“Midsummer Knight”

A Fae of Calaveras Short Story

Born to a Fae mother and a human father, Ashleigh know her role is to marry the faeriekin Count’s heir, Glen, when they come of age. And Glen is the perfect knight: chivalrous, honorable, and kind. The only problem is that Ashleigh hasn’t fallen in love with her future husband yet. But they’re only sixteen, so there’s still time, right?

But their relationship faces a new challenge one summer when Glen must pass a test to become a knight. When Ashleigh learns that the test is not what it seems and her betrothed’s life is danger, her own feelings for him are tested. Can she warn Glen in time to rescue him from the dangerous dragon lurking in the woods? And will one kiss change everything between them?

A prequel short story that takes place in the summer before Small Town Witch.

available now: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, my store

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