A Midwinter Night’s Dream

"A Midwinter Night's Dream" Fae of Calaveras Short Story

“A Midwinter Night’s Dream”
Fae of Calaveras Short Story

A Short Story

What if you could make all of your friends happy with one little spell?

Rosa’s finally got the hang of her witchcraft without her mom looking over her shoulder all the time, and now she’s got a plan to use magic for something good. She’s already got an awesome boyfriend in Kai, but her friends aren’t so lucky. Glen and Ashleigh are betrothed, but Glen can’t win Ashleigh’s heart. Heather is lonely, and Kai’s cute best friend Anil is single. To Rosa, it’s obvious that all her friends need to do is open their eyes and see the opportunities for love already in front of them—but how can she convince them of the truth?

A Midwinter Solstice party at the Faerie Castle is a perfect time to spread the love. Rosa brings a love potion she made herself and plans to make everyone’s dreams come true. But magic—and love—are never that simple, and when the group of friends suddenly find themselves lost in the Faerie Realm, it’s up to Rosa to save the day again.

A short story inspired by Shakespeare’s play that takes place in December between Small Town Witch and Witch Gate.

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