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Writing the End: Poised for Flight

After struggling through the climatic battles, I came close to the end of Poised for Flight. Writing fight scenes is difficult, but there are many good resources online about choreographing an exciting fight. I could picture the scenes in my head: the dark night, smoke rising from the flames, the feeling of panic. Writing a […]

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Writing Down My Dreams

I used to write down my dreams that I could remember in the morning. I kept a dream journal next to my bed and write in it when I woke up, or come back to it later in the day. I kept these dream diaries for story ideas and I frequently tried to turn these […]

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II High Priestess

I’ve been writing almost nonstop today and it’s been wonderful. I’ve either been locked in my room scribbling away or here at the computer doing minor to heavy editing as I type things up; both are extensions of the creative process. This is the first time I’ve done serious story writing since November 29 and […]

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Plot Notes

I’ve found myself with some interesting things to keep track of while writing this novel. I keep notes on where I want the plot to go next and things like that, a list of all the characters, and also backstory, like how old Heather was when she moved into town and started to go to […]

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Avoiding the Big Confrontation

Managed to do 1,120 words on chapter twelve, so now I’m at 35,057. Almost 2,000 words ahead still . . . but I don’t feel so good about it. I just spent 1,120 more words avoiding this big major scene that I don’t want to write. I started this trend in chapter eleven (you know, […]

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Heather Made Me

Day four and I’m in the midst of my first argument with a character. I had it all laid out and was trying to introduce all the normal people, sort of set the scene before I brought in the antagonist, right? Out of nowhere comes this girl who insists she could make a better villain. […]

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