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Six Sentence Sunday: The Stranglevine

I’ve just completed the third draft of Poised for a Flight of the Marewings or whatever I am going to call this silly novel (I’ve changed the title so many times my head is spinning). While I’m uncertain of the title, I’ve just re-worked the entire ending and I think I may have a winner! […]

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Ghost

Korinna straightened up from binding the sheaves of wheat and saw her father’s ghost staring at her from across the field. Her heart leapt like a frightened doe, but she stood rooted to the spot. The shade gazed back at her with a calm expression. He had to be dead. Her father, the duke of […]

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Final Battle

There were more archers on the walls firing into outer districts of the city, and Korinna suddenly found herself too far away to see any of her fellow riders. She didn’t know what her orders were to deal with the destruction. She had to do something drastic. Korinna angled Sungold in the air until she […]

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Writing the End: Poised for Flight

After struggling through the climatic battles, I came close to the end of Poised for Flight. Writing fight scenes is difficult, but there are many good resources online about choreographing an exciting fight. I could picture the scenes in my head: the dark night, smoke rising from the flames, the feeling of panic. Writing a […]

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Camp NaNoWriMo: The End

In all the excitement for Small Town Witch tomorrow, I haven’t stopped work on my current work in progress. In fact, this month, I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo with their new flexible word count goal. I wanted to have the encouragement of the NaNo community and the fun of writing with other writers, without the pressure of […]

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Recruitment Officers

Korinna was overwhelmed by the number of fields in the surrounding area, full of drilling soldiers and grazing marewings. After wandering around on her own and fearing that she would be late, a sergeant pointed her in the right direction of the north-eastern training field. The field was next to the road that led into […]

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Research Wednesday: Venus Flytrap

This week, one thing that I researched was the Venus flytrap, one of the more popular types of carnivorous plants. What is so fascinating about them? Well, for me, it’s how unique they are. The idea of a plant that reverses the typical food chain and eats animals is so cool. It really showcases the diversity of […]

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Duke’s Funeral

So Varranor found himself dressed in smothering ceremonial robes in the midst of a procession through the winding streets of Kyratia. He kept one hand on Korinna’s arm, just under her elbow, for fear of losing her in the crowd. Around them were all of the most prominent officials, merchants, and guild members in their […]

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New Title: Poised for Flight

I finally have a working title for my current project. “Poised for Flight” is the name of the first book, because it’s about Korinna earning her wings in the literal and metaphorical sense, and then that first leap of faith into becoming a marewing rider, a wife, and the ruler of a city. Spinning off […]

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