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Excerpt: Korinna defies Galenos

I’m working hard on finishing the second book in the Wyld Magic series, A Pride of Gryphons. It’s been a little rough, since there are multiple characters and plot threads to keep track of, and I admit that I’ve had some false starts. (Don’t ask me about the dead end I wrote, or how fixing it […]

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Miscreation Excerpt: Monster Hunting

In this excerpt, Captain Mynta and the other fighters are preparing for their first monster hunt. Mynta thinks that handling fangfrogs should be an easy, routine task, but Mage Ameyron is worried that the monsters could get hurt in the process, and he needs a live specimen for his zoological gardens. He offers some suggestions to […]

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Miscreation Excerpt: Romantic Advice

With nine people on board a ship in close quarters for months, there’s bound to be a romance or two that sparks over the course of the voyage. But love isn’t easy, especially for those who are shy, so some of the lovers need a little help. In episode two, “The Trouble with Fangfrogs,” there’s […]

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Miscreation excerpt: Evading the Sea Serpent

This is another excerpt from my upcoming serial, The Voyage of the Miscreation. In this bit, our intrepid band of heroes are being chased by a sea serpent. Knowing that they have no chance of winning in direct combat, they attempt to outrun the monster with some tricky sailing and a few other tricks: Yuri looked up […]

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Miscreation Excerpt: Helping in the galley

I’ve been doing some more writing for my new serial, and I’m having fun. The tricky part right now is that I have ten characters to introduce in a short amount of time, and I don’t want all of them to run together. But it’s also kind of fun, because I’m trying to set up […]

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Miscreation Excerpt: Sailing into port

So June is a new month, and after three months of writing YA for YAB Bootcamp, I’m ready to move on to something a little different. I’ve mentioned that I was planning a new serial novel in the Wyld Magic world called The Voyage of the Miscreation. Well, I’ve moved from the planning to the writing […]

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Back This Week

Hi guys, I have to apologize for dropping off the internet last week. I overdid it the week before when I was finishing up Witch Hunt and managed to mess up my shoulder pretty badly. Resting it over the weekend didn’t help enough, so I forced myself to take a break from the computer in […]

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May Monday Check-In

Happy Monday, YA Buccaneers and friends! It’s time for the Monday check-in and hey, I’m actually on time this week. 😉 Here’s what I’ve been up to. Last week was super busy. I released a short story, re-released my first novel with a new cover and formatting, announced the release date of my next novel, […]

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Bootcamp Check-In: Still Revising

This past week, I’ve done a little bit of writing on short stories, but my main focus has still been on last tweaks for revision. There’s always more work to do than I think there is going to be. I wish I was writing more, but I know that I’m not going to come out […]

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Catching Up with Camp NaNo

Okay, quick check in for bootcamp! To summarize my previous week: Finished scene revisions for book 2! A few more tweaks and I’ll send it to my editor. Started Camp NaNo late, so I adjusted my word count goal down to 25K. Half the goal for half the time. Finished one short story for Camp […]

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