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YAB Bootcamp Late Check-In

Always something getting in the way, right? Life continues to be busy as always. So busy, that I was away all day yesterday and couldn’t complete my weekly check-in! I’ve got to get WordPress set up on my phone again, so I can write posts when I’m away from home. So last week, I made […]

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YAB Bootcamp: New Week Goals

Monday means check-in time for my weekly goals! Gonna try to do this quickly so I can get back to work. 😉 First of all, I have to finish my March goals, which boil down to this: write the final chapter of Witch Gate (first draft) revise the last 24 scenes of Witch Hunt (revised draft) write […]

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End of Week Check-in

Oh, my. I’d hoped to have more time to work this week, but it ended up being quite busy again. I did do revision on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and I actually got a lot done, bringing me up to 65/90 scenes revised–more than two-thirds of the way there! Depending on how much I do […]

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Week 3 Check-In (YAB Bootcamp)

Well, this week was busy as predicted. I feel like I’ve hardly been home except to sleep. I did end up dragging my main revision binder along with me and did some work out of the house, which is how I managed to get any work done this week. I’m now a third of the […]

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Week 2 in Review

The second week of March and the YAB boot camp flew by for me. I had hoped to concentrate on revision this week, but I spent a lot of time out of the house and also had other things to do, so I only got about fifteen scenes done. It is a start, though. I […]

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Spring Writing Bootcamp!

Just a few days ago, the lovely ladies of YA Buccaneers announced a three-month challenge: Spring Writing Bootcamp! As the name implies, they’re focusing on several different aspects of writing to help motivate fellow writers, with a different area covered each month. In March, there are resources for planning new projects; in April, it’s all […]

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Witch Gate on Wattpad

If you’ve missed the updates on my Facebook and Twitter feeds last week, I decided to start posting chapters of Witch Gate on Wattpad. I’m up to chapter four as of today. Answers to major questions are coming up, like “Who is Dandelion?” and “Does all magic ultimately come from the Fae?” While I stress that […]

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Book 3 is Witch Gate? and Cover Art News

So I was having so much fun with NaNoWriMo that I only took last week off from writing, and I’m actually back to the same pace again. Book 2 of The Fae of Calaveras County, Witch Hunt, is only a first draft right now, and I’m setting that aside to cool before I start revision, but […]

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Seven Sentence Monday: Rosa Learns the Unseelie’s Plan

Last week, I finished the first draft of Witch Hunt! I managed to write an impressive amount of words for NaNoWriMo, the most that I’ve ever written in a month. I couldn’t have done it with all of the support and encouragement from my family at home, my fellow writers on the WriMo forums, and my […]

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Six Sentence Sunday: Return to the House

It’s been a busy week for me! I completed my NaNoWriMo challenge when I hit my 50,000th word just after midnight last Sunday, but I didn’t slow down after that. Now over 70K, Witch Hunt is entering into the final stretch. 25 chapters and counting are available to read for free on Wattpad. In order to […]

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