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Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map

One of the most important parts of bringing a story to life for me is to start with a map. I always get excited when I open a new book and find a detailed map inside. Getting a sense of the location helps orient me in the story. I want my own stories to have […]

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Map of Seirenia (Wyld Magic)

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been drawing maps for my own use for years, but I was afraid that the quality wasn’t good enough to share or print. But I’ve finally pushed myself to create something for readers. It’s long overdue, but I’m proud to finally give you a map of Seirenia, the […]

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Tokenism and Other Problems of Diversity

I was recently sent a review request for a fantasy novel that I thought I would enjoy. However, the racism inherent in the story’s premise made it impossible for me to read without getting angry, and I quit about a third of the way into the novel. Instead of writing a negative review, I thought […]

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Food For Thought: Cannibal Mermaids?

I’ve been having this discussion about mermaids in one of the episodes of The Voyage of the Miscreation (#3, “The Sunken Forest”), and I’m not sure what I think anymore. If mermaids eat humans, do you call them cannibals? I discussed it with my family first, and we’re divided in our answers. Some argued yes, because […]

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Guest Post: World-building Names by Katharina Gerlach

Today, bilingual author Katharina Gerlach is touring for the release of her latest novel, Swordplay! I love Katharina’s detailed and unique worlds, so I asked her to tell me a little about how she planned her newest series, and she wrote this post about how she comes up with her names. Read on to find out […]

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Cynthia Hosts Me to Chat All About Marewings

Cynthia Ravinski hosts me on her blog today with a guest post about my favorite new monsters. Click here to read: In Kristen Walker’s Words: All About Words

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Hosted on Greg Close’s Blog

Today I was hosted on Greg Close’s blog. Greg was kind enough to let me talk about a subject from my book that became rather personal on the day after the release. Guest Post: Honoring the Dead by Kristen S. Walker

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Talking Tropes with Mathew

Today, Mathew Reuther hosts me on his blog to talk about female warriors in fantasy once again. This time I talked about some of the common “tropes” or archetypes of female warriors found in various kinds of fantasy (not just books: you’ll see them on TV, in video games, comics, and movies, too). Yes, there’s […]

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Guest Post: Building a Mythic World Inside Reality by Juli D. Revezzo

Welcome to guest author, Juli D. Revezzo, as she talks about her latest book release! The world in my first romance novel PASSION’S SACRED DANCE, started out easily enough. As an Urban fantasy romance, I chose to set it in a version of modern Florida, and place a modern scholar in center stage. But that […]

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Jamie Hosts Me to Talk About Warrior Women

In today’s guest post on Jamie Marchant’s Kronicles, I talk about some of the negative feedback I got when I asked writing communities for advice about my book. Surprisingly, when it came to realism, it wasn’t the flying horses or the use of magic that raised eyebrows–it was when I asked how to integrate women […]

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