My 2020 Publishing Plans

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Here are my publishing plans for the coming year. Some don't have preorder links yet because my cover designer is still working on the covers. This is subject to change,…

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Happy Mabon!

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Today is the Fall Equinox, otherwise called Mabon (for those in the Northern Hemisphere). I've finished my self-edit of Riwenne & the Airship Gambit! I think this book turned out…

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Let’s Talk About Sex

I got a great reader question this past week about sex in my stories. You may have seen that many of my stories are listed with notices like, “Contains LGBTQ+…

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They/Them/Theirs is a Singular Pronoun

As a default, I will use they/them/theirs as a gender-neutral singular pronoun. Despite what one of my English teachers tried to tell me in college, this is not incorrect grammar.…

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Writing Wednesday: Treasure Map

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I promise you I am still working hard on Riwenne & the Airship Gambit. But today I wanted to share something a little different. I recently wrote this short story…

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Writing Wednesday: Too Upset to Eat

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Today we have another excerpt from Riwenne & the Airship Gambit. I don't think it's too spoiler-y this time, so long as you know that there's an ongoing theme about…

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