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Back This Week

Hi guys, I have to apologize for dropping off the internet last week. I overdid it the week before when I was finishing up Witch Hunt and managed to mess up my shoulder pretty badly. Resting it over the weekend didn’t help enough, so I forced myself to take a break from the computer in […]

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May Monday Check-In

Happy Monday, YA Buccaneers and friends! It’s time for the Monday check-in and hey, I’m actually on time this week. 😉 Here’s what I’ve been up to. Last week was super busy. I released a short story, re-released my first novel with a new cover and formatting, announced the release date of my next novel, […]

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Bootcamp Check-In: End of April, Starting May

So I haven’t been writing as much as I wanted to in the past week, and this Camp NaNo thing just never got off the ground. I’ve managed a few short stories but barely cleared 10K words. I’ll have to try again in July. I’m still moving forward with the Fae of Calaveras trilogy. Witch Hunt (book […]

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Bootcamp Check-In: Still Revising

This past week, I’ve done a little bit of writing on short stories, but my main focus has still been on last tweaks for revision. There’s always more work to do than I think there is going to be. I wish I was writing more, but I know that I’m not going to come out […]

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YAB Bootcamp Late Check-In

Always something getting in the way, right? Life continues to be busy as always. So busy, that I was away all day yesterday and couldn’t complete my weekly check-in! I’ve got to get WordPress set up on my phone again, so I can write posts when I’m away from home. So last week, I made […]

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YAB Bootcamp: New Week Goals

Monday means check-in time for my weekly goals! Gonna try to do this quickly so I can get back to work. 😉 First of all, I have to finish my March goals, which boil down to this: write the final chapter of Witch Gate (first draft) revise the last 24 scenes of Witch Hunt (revised draft) write […]

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End of Week Check-in

Oh, my. I’d hoped to have more time to work this week, but it ended up being quite busy again. I did do revision on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and I actually got a lot done, bringing me up to 65/90 scenes revised–more than two-thirds of the way there! Depending on how much I do […]

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Week 3 Check-In (YAB Bootcamp)

Well, this week was busy as predicted. I feel like I’ve hardly been home except to sleep. I did end up dragging my main revision binder along with me and did some work out of the house, which is how I managed to get any work done this week. I’m now a third of the […]

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Week 2 in Review

The second week of March and the YAB boot camp flew by for me. I had hoped to concentrate on revision this week, but I spent a lot of time out of the house and also had other things to do, so I only got about fifteen scenes done. It is a start, though. I […]

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1st Monday Spring Writing Bootcamp Check-In

It’s the start of a new week for Spring Writing Bootcamp hosted by the YA Buccaneers! Last week, I announced my participation in this writing challenge, where I’ll be focusing on a different goal each month and cheering on other writers who are doing the same. Today, I’ve joined my bootcamp team (Team 7, now […]

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