Riwenne & the Bionic Witches

Nothing cuts worse than losing someone you trust.

Riwenne escaped the floating city with her life and her friends, although one betrayal haunts her nightmares. But there’s no time to think about what went wrong when nowhere is safe for the divine warriors. Defying the Empire comes with a heavy price. With nothing but an airship and a few gods on their side, the warriors need to find a new way to fight back!

The only way to take down an empire ruled by the sun goddess is to get help from her sister, the moon goddess. The moon goddess was banished and even mentioning her name is forbidden. Riwenne must search for ancient clues with old friends and new, and she can’t let her broken heart get in the way. But sooner or later, she’ll have to face the one person she dreads—and she can’t back down from the fight.

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