Fae of Calaveras


In an alternate version of modern day Earth, humans have learned to live side by side with magical creatures like the Fae and their kin. Today, about ten percent of the population world wide is partly or fully non-human, the strange races known collectively as “magikin”. But some areas attract more than their share of these magikin, including a rural county in northern California, Calaveras. The home of one of the magical community’s faeriekin courts, the Count of the Golden Forest, this forested area has become known as a haven for all kinds of folk, from shapeshifting kitsune to mining dwarfs, and even magic-using humans like witches and sorcerers.

During the Gold Rush when the county was founded, the faeriekin Duncan created this court by driving off the Unseelie–Fae and other magikin who would rather dominate humanity than make peace with them. Under firm Seelie rule, the county had one hundred and fifty years of harmony between magikin and humans. But now that Count Duncan is growing old, the Unseelie are beginning to gain a foothold in Calaveras again–and with the help of human allies, they may be able to overthrow their Seelie rivals once and for all.

Five teens will play a part in shaping the future of Calaveras County in this time of turmoil, human and magikin alike. Rosamunde, a human witch; Kai, a kitsune; Heather, a human girl with vampire parents; Glen, the faeriekin grandson of the aging Count; and Ashleigh, the faeriekin chosen by the Fae to inherit the count’s seat. Together, the trials they face will test their family, their friends, their loves and their selves as they fight to save their home.

Main Trilogy

Book one: Small Town Witch: Amazon
Book two: Witch Hunt: Amazon
Book Three: Witch Gate: Amazon

More Short Stories

Witch Test“, a prequel story: Kindle

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