Serial Stories

Serials are stories that update one episode at a time, like a weekly TV series. My serials are hosted on Kindle Vella ( in the U.S., plus Radish and Patreon for all readers. Follow the stories you like to keep up with your favorite characters and worlds!

90s Girl Cult

Katie and her friends started playing with witchcraft as a game. But they discovered dark magic lurking in the woods. As teen girls, they feel like everyone else makes their lives miserable, from controlling parents and teachers to mean girls and boys. Time to take the power and get revenge. Set in the late 90s, this paranormal thriller follows a group of teen girls in the Santa Cruz mountains. Seasons 1 and 2 are now complete. Stay tuned for season 3.

Vampires' Daughter (Vampires of Calaveras #1)

Heather’s parents are vampires, but she’s human–at least until she turns eighteen. But her world is turned upside-down when she falls in love with a faerie prince. Fae and vampires are mortal enemies. How will she choose between her heart and the immortality that awaits her? A new spin-off story in the Witches of California world! Now completed.

Faerie Count's Lover (Vampires of Calaveras #2)

Heather is human for now, but her heart is torn between two worlds. She always dreamed of marrying Simon, her childhood friend, who is waiting for her to join him as a vampire. But she can’t deny her feelings for Glen, the heir to the Faerie Court. Choosing to love a Fae will mean turning her back on her vampire family and eternal life. Where will her heart take her? The second season of the Vampires of Calaveras trilogy! Updates twice a week.