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Here’s a handy guide to all the characters that identify as LGBTQIA+ in my stories, organized by series. In general, I have a lot of queer characters because I think gay rights are very important, and stories are an important part of representation. These lists might have minor spoilers but most of these characters are open about their identities.

I identify as a cis bisexual woman and I have many friends and family members who are also LGBTQIA+. I try to get feedback from many types of people, but I don’t think that there’s a perfect way to represent any group of people. I may make mistakes or my work might not age well as time moves forward. So I’m trying to do my best, but I am open to criticism and welcome the opportunity to learn how to do better. I also share stories by other LGBTQIA+ authors to promote different perspectives.

Fae of Calaveras trilogy

  • Rosa: bisexual
  • Ashleigh: pansexual
  • Zil: nonbinary lesbian
  • Yumi and Sarah (Kai’s parents): lesbian couple
  • Tom and Frank (owners of What a Drip): gay couple

Santa Cruz Witch Academy

  • Brie: lesbian
  • Damian: nonbinary and pansexual, he/them pronouns
  • Rosa and Ashleigh (Brie’s moms): bisexual and pansexual
  • Natasha: bisexual
  • Dean Sparrowhawk: nonbinary
  • Brad: bisexual

Divine Warriors

  • Riwenne: lesbian
  • Kyra: queer
  • Nexita: demisexual lesbian
  • Janera: bisexual
  • Amena: lesbian
  • Vilqa: nonbinary lesbian, they/them pronouns
  • Deryt: asexual/aromantic
  • Salki: trans
  • Fairuza: lesbian
  • Namburo: pansexual
  • Zara: lesbian
  • Ixi: lesbian
  • Sumaq: gay
  • Eberet: trans
  • Bymonten: bisexual
  • Warawa: gay

Wyld Magic

  • Varranor: bisexual
  • Ameyron: asexual/aromantic
  • Orivan: gay
  • Tatiana: questioning
  • Navera: lesbian
  • Itychia: lesbian

The Voyage of the Miscreation

  • Ameyron: asexual/aromantic
  • Mynta: lesbian
  • Rei: bisexual
  • Nikephoros: questioning/trans
  • Leina: pansexual
  • Genara: lesbian
  • Phi: lesbian

The Pirate Cat and the Merkitty

  • Calico Jack: lesbian
  • Nerissa: lesbian


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