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I Graduated from Physical Therapy!

After two months of appointments and daily exercises, my physical therapist told me today that I’ve graduated from physical therapy! I’ll have to continue doing my stretches and exercises at home, but I won’t need to go to more appointments. I’ve reduced most of my pain and regained a lot of strength in my hands […]

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Meet the Author: My Toy Collection

I’m not just a fantasy author. That’s my favorite thing and my lifelong dream, and even when I’m not writing, I do spend a lot of time thinking about writing, reading books about writing as well as fiction, and talking about my books to anyone who will listen. But I have some hobbies that I […]

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The Tour of Ever After: My Favorite Fairy Tales

Today is the official release of┬áTales of Ever After, the fairy tale anthology from the Fellowship of Fantasy, and the start of our blog tour to celebrate all of our stories! If you want to see all of the blog posts from this tour, you can just follow this handy link: The Tour of Ever […]

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I’m Proud to Write LGBTQ Characters

Just so we’re clear, because I don’t want anyone to be surprised: virtually everything I’m going to write is going to have LGBTQ characters. They may not always be the main characters, but they’re going to be in the story in one way or another. I’m not trying to push a specific “agenda” or political […]

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Why I’m a Snob (And I’m Okay With That)

I have a confession to make, but this isn’t really a secret, because most people learn this about me pretty quickly: I’m a snob for quality when it comes to almost anything. There’s exceptions to this, of course, but for the most part I’m pretty snobbish. When I can, I pay more to get the […]

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Welcome New Readers!

Hello there! Did you find my blog through the new book tour that I just did? If you’re new, let me introduce myself! I’m new to self-publishing, but I’ve been writing and sharing my work online for years. Some of the posts from this blog come from an older personal blog that I started keeping […]

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Journaling Prompt: Favorite Childhood Show

“What show from your childhood would you love to bring back?” I’m actually very lucky because one of my favorite childhood shows is actually being rebooted later this year: Sailor Moon! This show has a special place in my heart because it was the first Japanese anime that I watched, leading me to discover many […]

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Author Interview on Book Goodies

I was interviewed by Book Goodies. They asked a lot of interesting questions about my writing process, publishing, characters, and more. I had to think about the answers. Check it out!

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Monday is Iced Chai Day

Today is the last day to download Small Town Witch for free on Amazon! I have two more free Kindle Select days left, but it will be at least a month before this promotion happens again, so don’t miss out! Happy Memorial Day, everyone! First of all, let me just say thank you to everyone […]

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Why I Will (Not) Use My Religion in My Stories

I have been religious for my whole life, and my faith is important to me. It’s as much a part of me as anything else, and it’s especially important when I make decisions about how I live. I want the things that I do to honor the gods and show my respect for their creations. […]

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