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My New Writing Desk

Do you like to see where people work? I love seeing other writers’ offices or any kind of space where they write. But surprisingly, I haven’t had a dedicated space for my writing before! I’ve been writing on laptops I can take with me to locations as varied as camping grounds to my living room couch.

But I’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful writing desk. The dream was an elegant wooden desk with detailed carvings, drawers to hold all of my pens and notebooks, and maybe even some secret drawers for hiding things. And this year, for Mother’s Day, my family gave me an amazing gift: the desk of my dreams!

I’m still setting things up and figuring out the best way to organize everything, but I feel like this is nice enough to give you guys a little tour of my current writing space.

This is my writing desk! The laptop is still on it for now while I figure out if I’m going to get a monitor or something to make it the most comfortable. But I’ll give a close-up on some details. I also have a Sailor Moon wall scroll above me just for some decoration. This is one corner of my craft room. The rest of the craft room is too messy to show off.

On one side, I have my writing diary. This is where I keep track of just my writing and author tasks every day. These pages get posted on my Patreon as my weekly updates. I found this helpful to have next to me while I’m working so I can track everything very clearly in one spot, and I separated it out from my personal planner which has more things related to my family and household tasks.

This little cherry blossom tree light doesn’t give off much light, but it looks cute. It was a Christmas present from my husband last year. I turn it on when I start working as a way to signal to myself, “It’s time to write!”

On my left side, I have Pusheen dressed as Riwenne, which was another present from my kids for Mother’s Day. And the Divine Warriors series is displayed with steampunk bookends. I don’t have room for all my books on my desk right now, so I picked these ones for now while I was working on the end of the series. I might change the books out later. But they look so cute with the steampunk bookends and Riwenne right underneath!

Drawers on the left side! The top holds bookmarks. Down below, I have stickers, pins, and page tabs.

Drawers on the right side! I have glue and correction tape. One small notebook has all my notes from the Fae of Calaveras series because I’m referencing that for Vampires of Calaveras. The other one is just my next writing diary because I’m almost finished on this one. Then there are magnetic bookmarks and a pencil sharpener.

There are also two big drawers that I organized with little bins. On the left, I have so many little notepads and sticky notes. I love all my cute stationery.

The final drawer has my pens and some larger notebooks. This isn’t all my stationery, but it’s what I use on a regular basis and like to have close at hand.

I hope you enjoyed this tour!


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