Writing the End: Poised for Flight

After struggling through the climatic battles, I came close to the end of Poised for Flight. Writing fight scenes is difficult, but there are many good resources online about choreographing an exciting fight. I could picture the scenes in my head: the dark night, smoke rising from the flames, the feeling of panic.

Writing a love scene is a whole different issue, and I am always tempted to skip it. No advice for love scenes ever seems to help me. Emotions are a very tricky thing to deal with. But after having my two leads dance around each other for the entire book, it would have been unsatisfying to leave them without their tender moment. So I wrote out something that I hope won’t be too sappy. (Moonlight? Check. Balcony? Check. Man going down on one knee in front of the woman? Check. Yeah, it’s probably too sappy.) The important thing is that I now have a finished first draft and with the foundation laid, I can work to improve what’s there and build on it.

But first, I need a vacation. I am taking off the next week to spend time with my family at Disneyland (I am such a big kid). When I return, if it’s a sufficient mental break, then I can break out the red pens and start on revision.

And I’m going to start working on my plans for the sequel to Small Town Witch. Rosamunde has even bigger problems to tackle. I’m thinking of the name “Witch Hunt” right now.


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