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Miscreation Excerpt: Romantic Advice

With nine people on board a ship in close quarters for months, there’s bound to be a romance or two that sparks over the course of the voyage. But love isn’t easy, especially for those who are shy, so some of the lovers need a little help. In episode two, “The Trouble with Fangfrogs,” there’s […]

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Review: The Prophecy of Arcadia

Goodreads Link: The Prophecy of Arcadia (Arcadian Wars #1) Author: M. H. Soars Genre: YA Urban Fantasy Romance Rating: 4/5 stars Being a teenager is tough, especially when you have to pretend to be something you’re not, and you’re in love with someone you shouldn’t. 115 years ago, a small planet called Arcadia was invaded by […]

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Review: Of Fire and Roses

Goodreads Link: Of Fire and Roses (Erlanis Chronicles #1) Author: Danielle Belwater Genre: YA Paranormal Romance My Rating: 3/5 stars Nathaniel West’s mother is dead, his father a lost cause. Anger has become a way of life, until he meets and falls in love with Cora Ewell. Only Cora has a secret, one that could […]

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Review: Hope and the Patient Man

Goodreads Link: Genre: Steampunk fantasy Author: Mike Reeves-McMillan Rating: 5/5 stars I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.I haven’t read any previous books in this series, but it lived up to the promise that the novel is a stand-alone. And I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. […]

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Guest Post: Building a Mythic World Inside Reality by Juli D. Revezzo

Welcome to guest author, Juli D. Revezzo, as she talks about her latest book release! The world in my first romance novel PASSION’S SACRED DANCE, started out easily enough. As an Urban fantasy romance, I chose to set it in a version of modern Florida, and place a modern scholar in center stage. But that […]

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Writing the End: Poised for Flight

After struggling through the climatic battles, I came close to the end of Poised for Flight. Writing fight scenes is difficult, but there are many good resources online about choreographing an exciting fight. I could picture the scenes in my head: the dark night, smoke rising from the flames, the feeling of panic. Writing a […]

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Love’s Labour: Ludicrous?

I hate writing love scenes. No, I don’t mean sex scenes; I usually just avoid those altogether. I mean that moment in the story (which is about something else) when the romantic element comes into play and the two characters who have been dancing around each other for the first half of the novel finally […]

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