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Cover Reveal: Finding the Dhampir

We have a new cover reveal for you today from the Realm of Midnight collection. This time, check out Finding the Dhampir by Yvette Bostic and Sara Sines. This novel will be available in the full set of 30+ novels on October 17.

Finding the Dhampir

I’ve always been a little quirky. Growing up, my classmates called me weird. My adult peers call me eccentric. My boss says I have the worst case of OCD he’s ever seen. 

Do I care what they think? No, not really. My life is ordered. Neat. Secure. I overcame all the obstacles thrown in my path and became a successful adult. 

As long as I maintain control of my life, I’m good. It’s when I lose control that everything falls apart. It doesn’t just fall apart, it implodes. Almost always with casualties.

I never understood why, until I met Nathan Kaerne. I wish I’d never stumbled across his path. I’d still be in control. Still be living the life I worked so hard to create. I wouldn’t be running from a world I never knew existed. A world with vampires, werewolves, and demons. Let’s not forget about the fae.

But wishes are for fools. I’m no fool.

I’ll do whatever it takes to master the monster living inside me. Even if it means letting Nathan and his team invade my personal space. No matter how much I fight it, I can’t seem to tame my monster without them.

The Last Dhampir Series is a slow-burn, Reverse Harem, Fantasy Romance. The story is intended for an audience 18 years and older.


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