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Cover Reveal: Charms of Stone and Leaf

I’m so thrilled to finally reveal the cover for my next novel! This new adult paranormal romance is the start of the Santa Cruz University of Witchcraft series and it will be exclusive to the Realm of Midnight set. This is a totally new story that takes place after the Santa Cruz Witch Academy series, but it’s meant for a more mature audience and it takes place in college.

Wolves mate for life, but only with their own kind. Witches and wolves don’t mix.

Brie is a dedicated witchcraft student researching the next big magical discovery, and she doesn’t have time to get her heart broken again.

Willow is a half-wolf shifter still finding her place in the magical community, and she has never loved anyone, including herself.

At the Santa Cruz University of Witchcraft, these two roommates and best friends have only one goal: to make it to graduation. Falling in love is the last thing on their minds. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is to deny their growing attraction.

Part-time jobs, demanding professors, and prejudices will get in their way. But when Willow’s estranged father finally shows up to introduce her to his pack, they face their biggest challenge yet.

Should Willow leave the witch school and learn about her shifter side? But traditional pack values demand that Willow choose a male wolf as her mate. If she wants to stay with a female witch, she’d have to give up on her shifting abilities forever.

But Brie won’t let Willow go without a fight. She’s determined to find a magical solution that will allow Willow to keep both sides of her life—and prove that she’s worthy of Willow’s heart.


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