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Cover Reveal: Serpent & Flame by R. L. Perez

Here is the weekly cover reveal for the Realm of Midnight collection. This time, we have Serpent & Flame by R. L. Perez. Don’t forget that this and 30+ other novels will be exclusive to the set, so preorder to make sure you can get it!

After one ill-advised night of passion with a death god, fire witch Marina was left with a curse that binds her soul to deadly serpents, dooming her to a life without love or companionship. Now the god is nowhere to be found and she’s left fighting to keep her coven alive while she dreams of revenge she might never get.

When the death god suddenly reappears, begging for her help, her first instinct is to kill him. But with his arrival comes a host of dark and unnatural creatures, waging war on her city and threatening to slaughter her people. Marina isn’t powerful enough to stop them on her own.

She needs to work together with the one man she hates more than anything. The one man who holds the key to undoing her curse forever.

The one man whose very presence could mean the destruction of her people.

With his help, Marina must save her people from dark magic—without dooming them to the curse of the death god.

But can she work alongside her enemy without losing her heart to him a second time?


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