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Cover Reveal: Prince of Never by Hailey Jade & Lorelei Johnson

It’s time for the weekly cover reveal as we learn about all the books in the Realm of Midnight set. This week, we have Prince of Never by Hailey Jade & Lorelei Johnson.

Destined to love him. Destined to own him. Destined to destroy him.

Only one thing stands between Tarian and his crown: a woman prophesied to be his downfall. He’d expected a formidable enemy, but what he found was a human librarian. One who seems to have a penchant for recklessness and a serious lack of self-preservation. One who poses a serious dilemma.

How to take his crown when he can’t remove the one thing standing in his way?

Imogen has always fought to keep control. Control of herself, control of her life. Because when the world thinks you’re crazy, you have to show you aren’t. Especially when you’re not sure yourself. But when a fae prince takes her to another realm, she’s forced to face her biggest fears.

Was she right all along or has she finally lost her mind?

With a strange bond pulling them together and dangers lurking around every corner, will they find that love is a blessing or a curse?

Prince of Never is the captivating first book in the Curse of Fate and Fae series. If you like fated mates, political intrigue, and star-crossed love, then you’ll love this seductive fantasy romance by Lorelei Johnson & Hailey Jade.


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