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August Reading Journal: Mermaid Theme

Can you believe it? I’ve actually caught up with my reading journal posts enough that I’m posting in the actual month when I created the layout! Of course, that means that I can’t show you my summary page or the final stats for how many books I’ve read in August, because August isn’t over yet! And let me tell you: it’s gonna be another banner month for reading. Some days the heat is so bad that my head hurts, then all I feel capable of doing is sitting with an ice pack and a book. But I’m not complaining because I always have more books waiting than I have time to read.

Anyway, after the beautiful ocean theme that I did for July, I didn’t want to stop. I was deciding on something more specific and narrowed down my choices to sharks and mermaids. Sharks went in my planner:

Shark kit from Sweet Kawaii Design

And then the mermaids went in my reading journal. Now, when I say mermaid, I mostly mean The Little Mermaid from Disney, because I am still obsessed with Ariel and I’ve been collecting her since the movie came out. I still have my original VHS copy of the movie. And she adds so many bright colors to this layout, it makes me smile every time I see her.

August cover page

The Ariel stickers are from Disney, the Ariel washi is from Daiso, the mermaid scrapbooking paper came from Michaels, and the mermaid scale and seashell washi are from Simply Gilded. I tried to add a sticker quote on top of the mermaid picture on the right but it didn’t show up very well in the photo. It says, “Magic is something you make.”

I’ll have to give you an update on my monthly reading summary in September when I share the September theme. Look forward to it then!

I’ve already finished ten books and the month is only half over. If you want to see what I’m reading right now, you can check on my Goodreads profile.


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