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Cover Reveal: Kingdoms of Evernow by Heidi Catherine

Time for another cover! The Kingdoms of Evermore by Heidi Catherine is just one of the 30+ books within the Realm of Midnight anthology!

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Five kingdoms. Five senses. One secret that will change them all.

Gabrielle is an angel. She just doesn’t know it yet. Reading real fortunes from a fake crystal ball, her life is plagued by hunger, hardship, and terrifying visions she doesn’t want to see. 

When Cassius visits Gabrielle to have his fortune read, she’s shocked by what she foresees. She tries to cut the reading short, but Cassius isn’t so easily deterred. He knows Gabrielle is the real deal. She’s the angel he’s been searching for all his life. 

As Gabrielle and Cassius fight against the terrifying plan the universe has mapped out for them, they’re forced to face the evil that’s coming their way. Do they take their future into their own hands and use their gifts to forge a better path? Or has fate already decided that the darkness will prevail…

The spellbinding prequel to the The Kingdoms of Evernow series, this unforgettable fantasy romance is a must-read by award-winning author, Heidi Catherine.


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