Miscreation Excerpt: Romantic Advice

miscreation2-mdWith nine people on board a ship in close quarters for months, there’s bound to be a romance or two that sparks over the course of the voyage. But love isn’t easy, especially for those who are shy, so some of the lovers need a little help. In episode two, “The Trouble with Fangfrogs,” there’s a break from the monster hunting when the ship’s cook Leina goes to her friend Genara for a little romantic advice on how to get the attention of one of the new passengers, Benu:

Genara paused the brush, rested her hands on Leina’s shoulders, and smiled at her reflection in the looking glass. “Did I see you give an extra pastry to the priest this morning?”

Leina’s hands flew to her mouth. “Benu?” She let out a nervous giggle. “He’s just been so nice, giving me a hand with the dishes at mealtimes and such. But I—I barely know anything about him. He’s only been on board for two days.”

Genara winked, then began separating Leina’s curls into even sections. “A braid will keep your hair out of the food and still make you look nice. But then it’s up to you to start a conversation. You’ll never know what he’s like if you don’t talk to him.”

The cook smiled shyly. “I wouldn’t know what to say. I’m not educated like you, and he’s from such a big city. I’m sure that he’d find me too dull and country plain.”

The musician shrugged. “I’m not saying that you have to dazzle him with your theories on economic development. You know more than you think—we’ve traveled for years, and you’ve probably visited lots of places that he’s only heard about.” When she saw the look of fear on Leina’s face, she smiled and changed tactics. “Or just ask him some questions, and let him do the talking.”

“I’ll try it,” Leina said quietly. “If I can get the chance. He’s going ashore with the monster hunters today. I’m afraid that he’ll get hurt out there.”

Genara clucked her tongue. “I’m sure he’ll do fine. He’s been on these kinds of hunts before, and he’ll be with our veteran soldiers. A few little frogs should be nothing for them.”

Look for more of episode two of “The Voyage of the Miscreation” in August.


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