#SPFBO Review: A Shard of Sea and Bone

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Artysaedra Veiyel is a liquor-loving, street-fighting, foul-mouthed soldier with a temper—everything the Infinite Royal Family’s first daughter shouldn’t be. Suddenly forced to bow her family’s stifling rules and expectations instead…

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#SPFBO Review: The Gates of Golorath

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The Gates of Golorath separate the lands of humanity from the realm of the Lethen'al. Arielle is descended from the founder of the Areth'kon. She dreams of becoming a Mala'kar,…

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Excerpt: Korinna defies Galenos

I'm working hard on finishing the second book in the Wyld Magic series, A Pride of Gryphons. It's been a little rough, since there are multiple characters and plot threads to…

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Camp Nano Winner!

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I'm happy to announce that yesterday, Miscreation #6 crossed the finish line for Camp Nano, completing the first draft. The editing process is now underway. The new episode and collected…

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