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New Release: A Pride of Gryphons

After two years of writing, I’m very happy to announce that I’ve finally released the sequel to A Flight of Marewings. I hope you’re ready, because here comes the next book in the Wyld Magic series! A Pride of Gryphons Gryphons are deadly in small numbers. When wyld magic calls them to attack in great force, […]

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Excerpt: Korinna defies Galenos

I’m working hard on finishing the second book in the Wyld Magic series, A Pride of Gryphons. It’s been a little rough, since there are multiple characters and plot threads to keep track of, and I admit that I’ve had some false starts. (Don’t ask me about the dead end I wrote, or how fixing it […]

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New Release: The Duke’s Daughter

Today is the release of “The Duke’s Daughter”, a prequel to the Wyld Magic series. It’s a novella about Korinna before the events of A Flight of Marewings. I hope it helps to shed some light on her hopes and feelings before the death of her father overturns her life. Korinna is the daughter of the […]

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#SPFBO 2016 – The Self-Publishing Fantasy Blog-Off

Last year, author Mark Lawrence started an event called the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off. Designed to showcase exceptional fantasy novels by self-published authors and demonstrate that they’re of equal quality to traditionally-published fantasy, it involved collecting over 250 books and distributing them to ten book review blog. Each blog chose one finalist from their batch of […]

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New Release: The Captain’s Wife!

Happy release day! “The Captain’s Wife” is now live on all stores. It’s been a long time coming, but the final episode of season 1 is here at last. Here’s the synopsis: Captain Mynta’s crew is surprised by a stowaway, Phi, who claims to be Mynta’s wife from her mysterious past. Although Mage Ameyron fears […]

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Map of Seirenia (Wyld Magic)

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been drawing maps for my own use for years, but I was afraid that the quality wasn’t good enough to share or print. But I’ve finally pushed myself to create something for readers. It’s long overdue, but I’m proud to finally give you a map of Seirenia, the […]

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Camp Nano Winner!

I’m happy to announce that yesterday, Miscreation #6 crossed the finish line for Camp Nano, completing the first draft. The editing process is now underway. The new episode and collected season 1 will be coming very soon for publication in early May. Here’s the new episode synopsis: In episode 6, “The Captain’s Wife,” Captain Mynta’s […]

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Camp Nano Update and Upcoming Release Schedule

I’m still on track for Camp Nano this month, so it looks like I will be finishing Miscreation episode 6 right on time. That means there are new releases coming soon. Here’s a schedule of what’s to come: May 6: Miscreation #6, “The Captain’s Wife”, and The Voyage of the Miscreation: Season 1 June 21: “The […]

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Miscreation #5: The Egg Thieves

November’s episode of The Voyage of the Miscreation is officially live! Captain Mynta’s crew has a simple mission: to capture as many feathersnakes as they can, using trusted hunting methods. There’s no complicated politics, no venomous monsters to watch out for, and no mystery hanging over their heads, so the research team might finally have their […]

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Another excerpt from The Egg Thieves (Miscreation #5)

Although I’m working hard on The Warrior Duchess for NaNoWriMo, I’m also finishing up this month’s episode for Miscreation, called “The Egg Thieves.” Stealing eggs turns out to be trickier than the warriors originally planned. But Aristia, the mage’s apprentice, has a surprising touch with the little monsters. Aristia followed the same path that the captain had […]

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