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Cover Reveal: The Reign of Dragons

I’m so excited to finally share this cover with you! I know that the Wyld Magic series has been incomplete for some time now, but the long wait is coming to an end. The third and final book in Korinna’s story, The Reign of Dragons, will be released later this year–and I have all the details for you!

Releasing December 12, 2022

The Reign of Dragons (Wyld Magic #3)

Dragons are the most dangerous monsters who decimated an ancient empire. For centuries, they have slumbered beneath the mountains. But now wyld magic has awakened the greatest threat to a fragile peace.

Korinna has rebuilt her father’s legacy and made her family a safe haven in the city. Along with her husband Galenos, she has set aside her warrior past to become a civilian ruler. The marewings they once rode have been banned from the city, but with no battles to fight, she almost doesn’t feel the absence of her old companion. Political alliances are close to fortifying her claim to rule after years of struggle.

Then a messenger arrives with a dire warning: a dragon attacked in the mountains. They must act fast to defend against their ancient enemy, but people doubt that the dragons have truly returned. Galenos must concentrate on the upcoming peace summit to keep diplomatic relations from breaking down.

When the dragons take control, Korinna will have to find the strength to fight again. But can she risk her life now that she’s become a mother? Or will everything she’s built go up in flames?

You can pre-order the ebook on all major retailers now, and the paperback will be available on release day as well. But if you don’t want to wait, Patreon subscribers are already getting new chapters as I write them!


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