Preorder Witch Gate, coming October 10!

Witch Gate
Witch Gate

Yes, Witchlings, it’s almost time for the final volume of the Fae of Calaveras. For the fastest delivery, make sure you preorder it in advance. You’ll also lock in the introductory price of $2.99 (which will go up in November).

I’m also looking for advance reviewers for the final part of the trilogy. If you would like a free review copy of Witch Gate, please contact me using the form or emailing: [email protected] . Just let me know which format you prefer (PDF, mobi, epub) and whether you have read the first two books (otherwise, I’ll send you copies of the whole trilogy, so you can catch up on the story). All I ask in exchange is that you post an honest review online once the book is published.

Coming October 10
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