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All My New Releases for the Second Half of 2022

This is shaping up to be a busy year, and I don’t want you to miss anything! So I’m putting together a schedule of all my upcoming releases to help you keep track. There are many great and exciting things in store, so let’s get started!


Gilded Glass: Twisted Myths and Shattered Fairy Tales

Release Date: July 19

This is an anthology of short stories around the theme of dark visions in the mirror. My story is a paranormal thriller, “Tips for a Baby Witch.”

90s Girl Cult: Season One

Final episode: July 28

The first season of my Vella will finish when episode 50 releases at the end of the month. Once it’s complete, I will continue writing season two and I’ll collect the first fifty episodes into an ebook. The pre-order for the book will go up around this time.


Ink & Incantation: An Enchanting YA Anthology Featuring Books & Libraries

Release Date: August 4

This is an anthology of YA fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopian stories around the theme of books and libraries. My short story is a YA steampunk stand-alone from the Divine Warriors series, “Riwenne & the Haunted Bookstore.”

Kindred Kingdoms: An Epic Fantasy Anthology Celebrating Diversity, Culture, and Kinship

Release date: August 25

This is an anthology of epic fantasy stories around the themes of diversity, culture, and family with an emphasis on #OwnVoices. My short story is an epic fantasy in the same world as my Wyld Magic series with brand-new characters. “A Mother’s Love” draws on my experiences as a parent of a trans child.


90s Girl Cult #1 in ebook and paperback

Release date: September 12

This is the collection of the first fifty episodes for my Vella serial in ebook and paperback. If you’re waiting to read the complete story or if you want it in another format, this will go on pre-order at the end of July.


Vampires’ Daughter: Vampires of Calaveras #1

Final episode: TBA

The first book in the Vampires of Calaveras trilogy will wrap up sometime in November, and then the ebook and paperback will go on pre-order. (Release date will be in 2023.) I will also start writing the second book in the series on Kindle Vella.


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