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Opening My Own Store

As another option for buying my books, I’ve opened my own direct sales store. This is an alternative to buying my ebooks on other retailers like Kindle/Amazon, Kobo, Nook/Barnes & Noble, etc. These are the same books at the same price.

Why buy directly from me? There are a few benefits:

  • You can find all my books together easily
  • You can choose your format (epub, mobi, PDF, or all three!)
  • You can send them directly to the device of your choice (using BookFunnel’s delivery system)
  • You don’t have to enter credit card information (use PayPal instead)
  • I can offer discount coupons

Right now, I have discount codes for my newsletter subscribers and my Patreon supporters. I may offer other exclusive coupons in the future, but you can automatically get 10% off if you sign up for my free newsletter.

I hope this new store will give you more options in how you want to buy my books!


I'm an author, a blogger, and a nerd. I read and write fantasy.