Small Town Witch now available in more formats

Small Town Witch is now available in more ebook formats and in more stores besides Amazon’s Kindle store. You can find it on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, and on Kobo. The price is the same in all digital formats, so you can choose whichever store you prefer.

Small Town Witch was also reviewed on The Brainy Bookshelf. Thanks Alisha!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support this book by reading it and giving me your feedback! I love the reviews and the mail that everyone has been sending me. It’s great to know that people are enjoying the story, and it’s especially encouraging to hear that many of you are looking forward to the sequel!

This is a busy time of year with everyone going back to school, and also some difficult things going on in my family. But I am squeezing in time to write to work on both Poised for Flight (to be published at the end of this year, I hope) and Witch Hunt (the sequel to Small Town Witch, to be published 2014). I know it is hard to wait, but I want to make sure that I make these stories the best that I can.

I am also working on several short stories set in Seirenia (my latest version of the name for this world) to lead up to Poised for Flight. There’s just so many characters and stories going on in this complex society. I’ve been writing about Seirenia in one form or another since I was thirteen, and the plot keeps expanding. It’s my hope that I can begin to share some of this rich world with everyone soon. This is the world of Riwenne, of Korinna, of Nestia–my leading ladies who have been dominating my imagination for years–but also many other people, monsters, and magic. Once I get this series going, it’s going to be hard to stop!


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