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Q+A: Do my books promote Wicca?

A commonly asked question that I get about my books is if I’m promoting Wicca (or any general Pagan beliefs). This is a natural thing to wonder because I’m open about my personal Wiccan practice and sometimes I share things like pictures of my altar.

But the short answer is: no, I’m not trying to promote any religion.

Here’s a little more information.

None of my characters are Wiccan

This may surprise you because as a fantasy author, I write about magic and witchcraft. But there is a difference between a “fantasy” witch who can throw fireballs or fly on a broom, and the real world where I can’t actually break the laws of physics with my witchcraft.

Some of my books take place in fictional worlds where they follow religions that I’ve invented to go along with their fictional cultures, languages, animals, etc. In the Divine Warriors series, the gods play a major role because they can appear in the physical world, speak directly to their followers, grant magical powers, etc. In the Wyld Magic series, the gods haven’t shown any direct contact with their world but some magic comes from religious worship. All of these gods and their worship are my own invention.

In the Fae of Calaveras and Santa Cruz Witch Academy series, the world is a version of our own with real magic. Some characters follow real religions like Judaism and Catholicism. Rosa and Brie don’t practice any religion. It’s not spelled out what they believe in the books but they probably fall along the lines of agnostic. They celebrate secular holidays like New Year’s Day and the seasons play a role in their magical power, like the Summer Solstice. Maybe someday a character in this series will practice Wicca.

Wicca is not the same thing as witchcraft

Some Wiccans practice witchcraft, but witchcraft is simply a magical system that isn’t tied to any specific belief. Some of my fictional magic systems are based on real-world magical systems like witchcraft, but some are my own invention.

Wiccans don’t proselytize

Some religions instruct their followers to “spread the word” or preach to others in order to grow their numbers, but this isn’t part of Wicca. I believe in Wicca but I also know that it’s not for everyone. I think if you are interested in Wicca or another nature-based Pagan religion, you can find other resources to help you on your path. My books aren’t a tool for teaching any kind of religion.

My beliefs will always be part of my stories, like I believe in equality for everyone, the value of diversity, being kind to other people, the importance of friendship and family, and love must include respect. They inform my writing like they help me make every other decision in my life. But I’m not trying to push these ideas on anyone else.

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