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My 2022 Reading Journal

Happy New Year! It’s time for another fun blog hop with the YA Sci-fi and Fantasy Addicts blog, and we’ll have more bookish freebies for you. Follow along with the full list of articles here:

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My 2022 Reading Journal

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My 2022 Reading Journal

There is something so magical about fresh starts. There is a whole new year laid out in front of us, full of possibilities. And books! I can’t wait to read so many books coming out in 2022. And to help me keep track of them all, I’m adding a new spread to my 2022 reading journal. I even made a printable version so you can use it too!

My new journal has a purple cover with a silver butterfly embossed on it. Since it’s a fabric cover, I’m not sure if stickers will stay on it, so I haven’t tried applying any extra decorations. It’s another A5 dot grid journal like last year and the paper is all made from bamboo!

Inside, I’ve continued the butterfly motif. I recently dyed my hair blue and black just like these butterflies and I love it. Also, the adorable bunnerflies are from a Stickii Club pack. They’re so cute!

Here is the index page with all the pages I’ve added so far. I’m still deciding on my first theme for January, so those pages aren’t finished yet.

Once again, I’m tracking the number of books that I’ve read and I will also keep statistics on the authors that I’m choosing to read. I’m making an effort to diversify my reading this year and include more authors of color.

Since I ran out of space on my bookshelf last year, I tried to add more books this year. There are now five rows on each page instead of four. I’ll write the titles of each book that I finish and fill up the new bookshelf. I may have to write a little smaller to fit on the shorter book spines.

This is the page where I will paste in book covers after I finish reading each book. It’s fun to see all the covers together. Since they’re a standardized size, I can’t fit more on each sheet, so I reserved more empty sheets after these.

I also tried something new for my monthly overview page. I have so many cute little notes and post-its so I tried to fit a variety of them on the page. Some were a little too large to fit comfortably, so I tried to overlap them. The result is a little chaotic but it’s more artistic than last year’s.

I didn’t want to copy all the series that were in my last journal, so I’ll keep the 2021 list around for reference. But I will start reading new series this year. I already know that I want to read the Afterlife Academy: Valkyrie series by Arizona Tape and I have the first two books, so it was the first one on my list.

Finally, we have my newest spread: new releases for 2022! There are so many good books I’m excited to read this year so I wanted to keep track of them all. It’s not a lot so far (because many books I’m waiting for don’t have a firm date yet), but I’ll keep adding to it throughout the year.

Where do I find new book release dates to add to my reading journal? Some authors I follow on social media and their newsletters to find out about their upcoming releases directly. I also looked up lists of highly anticipated reads to find ones that sounded good. There are great lists featured in this blog hop! And some more I’ve added:

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Freebie: Printable Reading Journal

Download the printable reading journal PDF by clicking on the image below. You can print as many or as few pages as you want, or copy the layouts by hand into your bullet journal. I recommend using a binder or another method to keep the pages in order. Have fun making it yours!


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