Will you like my stories? That all depends on what kind of stories you like to read. I don’t just mean marketing categories like “young adult urban fantasy” or “epic fantasy”. These are the elements that I will always try to include in my stories because they represent what I love to write, and if you love to read about them, then you may enjoy my work.

* Worlds where magic has real power, cannot be tamed, and cannot be fully predicted. Where magic is not the same thing as sufficiently-advanced technology or science.
* Stories where strength comes from within.
* Stories that celebrate diversity and recognize differences in people as their strengths, not weaknesses.
* Stories where good and evil are not always clear cut. Everyone has hard choices, and everyone shapes the world, so think before you act.
* Stories that explore the worst side of humanity and the best.
* Female characters who can be strong without making the male characters weak.
* Male characters who can be vulnerable without making them weak.
* Characters that are larger than life, with many sides.
* Mythology inspired, mostly true to old lore with a few twists.
* Stories with many sides to them.
* Worlds where devils and gods may have an influence, but humanity makes its own fate.
* People who struggle with real issues even if they live in a fantasy world.
* People who love and hope even in the face of despair . . . because there is always hope.

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