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April Reading Journal: Hello Kitty Theme

In April, I wanted a really bright and bold theme because the weather was getting warmer and plants were growing like crazy. The world also seemed brighter to me because my family and I got our Covid-19 vaccinations, and it finally felt a little safer to leave the house. Because I’m at a higher risk of breathing issues thanks to my asthma, we’ve been very locked down since February 2020. I barely left the house for over a year unless we had to buy something at a store that couldn’t be done through pickup or delivery, or to see the doctor. But in April, there was finally a change.

I knew that I could capture that bright and cheerful feeling with Hello Kitty!

April cover for Hello Kitty

The Hello Kitty stationery and stickers came from the Sanrio store and you can see how long I’ve been hoarding it because the copyright date is 2004! Some of the other Sanrio characters are also joining in the fun. The really cute washi is from Wonton in a Million.

As you can see, I read a lot of books in April. Because the Shadow & Bone series started on Netflix, I wanted to finally read the books. (I really enjoyed all three books and the TV series, so I’ll be doing reviews of those soon.)

April monthly review

I read 23 days in April and finished 7 books with a total of 2543 pages. Two of them were pretty short because they were children’s books, about two hundred pages each. I like to read a range of books. Most of them are young adult/teen but I read some middle grade and adult fiction, plus non-fiction. There isn’t really an age limit on what you can enjoy! Here is my journal entry for one of the children’s books from American Girl, so I won’t do a formal review on my blog:

The Sound of Applause in my reading journal

I hope you enjoyed seeing more pictures from my journal! There will be more bright and colorful themes to come.


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