90s Girl Cult: Season 1

Title: 90s Girl Cult: Season 1
Series: 90s Girl Cult #1
Published by: Kristen S. Walker
Release Date: September 12, 2022
Genre: Thriller, Young Adult
Pages: 176

Something dark lurks in the woods.

She started using witchcraft with her friends as a game, a way to vent her frustrations. But dark magic answered their call. Terrible things happen to the people Katie hates, and she’s not sure if she is responsible.

Katie is thirteen years old and in the seventh grade. She just wants to focus on schoolwork and band practice. But after she broke up with her boyfriend, he spread nasty rumors about her, and now she’s being targeted by bullies.

Does witchcraft really work? Could it give Katie the answer to her problems?

Time to take power and get revenge.


Set in the late 90s, this paranormal thriller follows a group of teen girls in the Santa Cruz mountains of California.

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