Busy Day in a Good Way

Well, there went that hot weather. It was quite warm around here until suddenly, in the evening, this wind came out of nowhere and just cut through the small valley I live in, causing those of us sitting around in tank tops and shorts to start shivering. I think this is the first time in a week that I’ve actually shut my windows.

Today’s mostly been a pretty good day, though. I’ve spent most of it sitting in front of the computer, working on achieving a whole new level of webdesign (can’t you hear that geeky thrilled tone), but though there have been some moments of frustration they were ended with some fabulous break-throughs, and I feel like I’ve accomplished something today.

I’ve finally decided to start working on some of those things I planned to get done this summer. I’ve knocked three books off my reading list and I should probably be done with another one or two within the next few days, I’ve spent time relaxing (a very important part of my to-do list, let me tell you) and let my sanity recuperate somewhat, and now I’m moving on to website plans. Tonight, I’ll also be looking over my notes and brainstorming some more, with an eye towards writing soon. I have a few more things that need to be worked out regarding world creation, as well as a little more character naming and development, before I can get started.

I was actually considering the November novel last night, but I decided that I’m just going to jot ideas down for that while I work on this other story that I already know fairly well where it’s going, and then when I’ve finished the second novel I’ll return to the first for editing. Switching back and forth between the two will help me from stagnating on one story for too long. After I edit the first novel, I’ll write the sequel to the second one — I have a good feeling that it’s going to be a substantial series, minimum of four books with a chance of more; seven is the projected one. After I write the sequel, I can go back to the second and edit it, and maybe I can start sending it around to publishers while I edit and write the books in the series that will follow it.

School’s going to start again in a week and a half, which will also give me something to do, but I don’t want to be completely focused on school this time. I need to give myself space to do other things.

I’m also glad to be doing things again. It seems I’m just not capable of being lazy for more than a few days at a time — before long I start itching to be active again. I guess my name analysis was right when it said that I seek out new challenges intentionally.


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