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February Reading Journal Theme: Frozen

There are some wonderful artists and journalers who can plan ahead. They finished their January wrapup on January 31st and shared it that same day, and then they had their February themes posted before the month even started.

To quote one of my favorite musicals, “I’m not that girl.” (Wicked)

So here we are a week into the month and I’m finally ready to share my February theme! But first, my final stats from January. It was a great reading month with many new releases. I’m still catching up with all the books I bought in January…

I read every day so that started a nice streak for the year. Also, I noticed that I can finally read Kindle Vella stories in my Kindle app (on Android) so I tried out some new stories there, too. I don’t know how to count them since they’re not completed books. My Kindle app is counting each episode individually, so it claims that I’ve read 21 books! (And it’s not counting the non-Kindle books I’ve read.)

How do you count episodic fiction in your reading tracker? There are also stories that I get once a week by email from authors. So far, I don’t count them at all, unless the full book later gets published and I can mark it as read on Goodreads. But maybe it’s time to figure out a new system that doesn’t rely on Goodreads. I’ll have to think about it.

On to February!

This month, since it’s still cold weather outside, I decided to go with a seasonal theme: Frozen! Honestly, I’m surprised that I haven’t done this theme before. Frozen is one of my top 3 favorite Disney movies. I’ve already done The Little Mermaid theme, so I’ll have to do Moana this summer. Although I also really liked Encanto and I’ve seen some cool themes using art from the movie…

I’ve been collecting Frozen stationery and stickers since the movie came out, so I had plenty to choose from. But no Frozen washi tape! This washi is from the “Northern Comforts” set by Simply Gilded, which has a similar Scandinavian knits theme, but the color palette is a little different.

I also have a set of Frozen scrapbook paper. In December, I decorated my own advent calendar box by using the scrapbook paper and decoupage on a plain wooden box. Check it out:

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Frozen theme!


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