Happy Halloween! A New Anthology

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Happy Halloween! I hope that you’re having a fun and safe holiday. I’ve been celebrating all month long, but I’m still excited about tonight. I can’t wait to see the Trick or Treaters show up at my house and see all the decorations we’ve put up. Our house is probably the most decorated in my whole neighborhood so I know that we’ll get some great reactions.

If you need a little break from the chaos, though, maybe you want to curl up with a mug of hot tea or cocoa and read a book. I have the perfect thing for you! As I mentioned, I took part in a Halloween short story challenge this month. All of the stories have been collected into an anthology. Some stories are scary, but others are more fun, so there’s something for everyone! It’s a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. I have two stories and a poem, and one of these stories is exclusive to the collection!

The 2019 Halloween Short Story Challenge is an anthology of stories that will tantalize you, terrify you and taunt you. With 25 stories and poems written by 15 authors, there’s something for everyone!

Presented in alphabetical order:
A Moment of Silence, by Annie Littlewolf
A Moonlight Rose, by Rachel Harris
A Mother’s Love-Feeding Eve, by Michelle Francik
A Spiritual Feast, by Annie Littlewolf
A Witch’s Halloween Surprise (A Fae of Calaveras Story), by Kristen S. Walker
Autumn Harvest, by Virginia M. Barilla
But This Only Happens in Movies, by Katrina O’Brien
Connection, by Michelle Francik
Coughing, by Kristen S. Walker
Darker Than Dark, by Carlos F. Gonzalez
Indulgence, by Michelle Francik
Porch Light, by Ichabod Ebenezer
Seeing Double, by C.O. Bonham
Stay Away From the Cemetery, by Brandy Galaznik
The Coming of Halloween, by Virginia M. Barilla
The Halloween Quilt, by M. Quinn Evans
The Haunted Canal Town, by Kristi Asher
The Master Chef Mouse, by Annie Littlewolf
The Musicians and the Werewolves, by Kristen S. Walker
The Pale Child. by Jeff Bacon
The Watching Eyes, by M. Quinn Evans
Thorns and Firelight, by Hannah Schofield
Touched, by M. Quinn Evans
When Love Comes, by Brandy Morrison
Wicked Rotten Apples, by Michelle Francik

Whether it’s shadows, a love story, or a flame burning bright, these stories will make you think twice about turning off the lights. Curl up with a loved one and enjoy this anthology of all things Halloween!


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