Health Update: Writing and Carpal Tunnel

Like many writers and other professionals who use computers, I’ve found myself experiencing a great deal of pain in my wrist. I finally managed to see a doctor and a neurologist and my diagnosis is mild carpal tunnel syndrome. Fortunately, it’s not bad enough to require any kind of surgery or injections, but it does mean that I need to relearn how I use my hands so that I minimize the pain and don’t do further damage to my nerves. Along with other health issues and family problems, I’ve not been able to continue writing.

I’m currently working with a physical therapist who has taught me a number of stretches and methods for using my hands while minimizing compression of my nerves. One obstacle is that in the months after I started hurting, I just stopped doing a lot of activities that caused pain in an attempt to heal. The result is that my muscles have also atrophied some and I’ve lost a lot of strength in my hands and arms. So while I’m learning new habits and stretches, it’s slow going because I also have to regain some of my strength and dexterity.

This has interfered not only with writing (and most of my hobbies like sewing, crocheting, playing video games, coloring, photography, etc.), it’s also impacted my daily life. The pain is in my right wrist more or less constantly and that’s my dominant hand. I didn’t realize just how much I relied on my hands for virtually every activity until I couldn’t use them. Bringing these back will all take time.

The wrist pain was at its worst when I was working hard to finish Riwenne & the Mechanical Beasts. I was able to finish and publish that novel, but the sequel has been much harder to write. Currently, I would say that it’s about halfway done, but I can’t guarantee how quickly I will be able to progress on that as I learn how to manage my health better. So Riwenne & the Bionic Witches still has no release date. Also in progress, I do have most of the work done on the prequel novella, “Amena’s Rise to Stardom,” and the rights have reverted to me on the short story, “The Girl Who Talked to Birds.” However, I can’t commit to a release date for these yet, either.

Fans of Wyld Magic, I’m afraid that the third novel is still on the back burner. I do have plans to return to the marewings and Korinna someday, but probably not this year.

On a final note, you may have noticed that I have much less of a social media presence these days. I’ve chosen to disable my Facebook and Twitter accounts, and of course, Google+ is gone. I do occasionally share pictures on Instagram. But the best way to get updates on my writing is to read this blog and subscribe to my newsletter.

I’m working hard on my recovery, and I hope to have new writing to share with you again soon. Thank you for your patience.


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