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How to Join the Witchlings, My ARC Team

Are you excited about my next book? Do you wish that you could read it early? I have good news!

One way that you can read my books early is to subscribe to my Patreon. But I know that not everyone can afford to pay a monthly subscription. I also have a free option: join my ARC team!

The ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) team is simple. One or two weeks before a book is released, I send an ARC to my Witchlings team. On release day, they post an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, and/or other ebook stores. Reviews help readers learn about new books, so it’s very helpful to have reviews as soon as the book is available.

I’m not releasing any books this month, but you can join the list now to stay updated when the next ARC is available!



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