Kylara and the Dragon

Wings darken the sky over the fields of grain
Children cry in terror and flee before the wind
Families lock their doors, but still the village burns
The dragon eats his fill without a challenge to his claim

Messengers run down the roads ahead of the flames
Calling warriors and mages to save them from the wyrm
Men and women take up arms and race to the fight
Only to disappear down the great dragon’s throat

Pray to all the gods who will listen
Send us a miracle
Can no one save us now?
The dragon rules the skies

Clad in silks and ribbons, she steps into the field
The people cry out for her safety from their hiding place
A single blade bared in her hand, she raises to the sky
The dragon roars in answer and breathes his fire

Untouched, she flies to meet him on wings made of light
In the air the two foes crash like a mighty storm
Her sword falls like a shooting star, severing his head
Kylara throws the dragon’s body into the foaming sea

An island of the corpse, blood washed on the sand
The goddess blessed the homes of the people she had saved
Yet destruction caused a blight, now nothing can grow there
A desert in the heart of the land and hunger in the streets

Pray to all the gods who will listen
They have sent us a miracle
The goddess of war has saved us
Now Kylara rules our empty land


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