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Monthly Update: June in Review

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I don’t always do a monthly review, but I had a lot going on in June so I thought it would be good to take a moment to look back.

First of all, I finished writing and editing The Salty Witch. This is releasing in just one week. The first reactions from my beta readers and editor have all been positive, so I’m hopeful that it will be a fun read for all the fans of the Santa Cruz Witch Academy series.

It felt a little weird to be writing about places and activities that I can’t do right now, like visiting the beach and the Boardwalk. But I imagined happier times and let myself live vicariously through my characters. Maybe the book will be a nice escape for readers to do the same.

I also launched a new group for authors of LGBTQ+ fantasy called the Rainbow Dragon Squad and it’s been so much fun. We had a few group promos where we supported each other’s books and I ran the Pride Fantasy Book Challenge for the entire month. I’d like to learn more about running book challenges on social media and see if I can get more participation in the future.

There was more work behind-the-scenes as I got new covers for the final books for Divine Warriors and Santa Cruz Witch Academy. Stay tuned for cover reveals and release announcements in due time.

Finally, I wrote an outline for Riwenne & the Ethereal Apparatus, the next book I’m working on. I’ve started writing the first draft for July’s Camp Nano session. You’ll be seeing more updates and excerpts from this book soon!


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