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New Release: 90s Girl Cult season 2

It’s finally time to release the second book in my 90s Girl Cult series! This story started as a serial with new episodes posted every week, so I’ve broken it up into seasons like a TV show. This second volume contains episodes 51-100.

I’m also putting season 1 on sale for 99c to celebrate the release. If you haven’t started the series yet, now is a great time to check it out!

90s Girl Cult: Season 2

Katie is in more trouble than ever.

She swore off using witchcraft after one of her curses went too far, but now magic might be the only thing that can save her. After her eighth grade formal dance ends in disaster, Katie is accused of stealing another girl’s boyfriend, and her rival is out to get her own revenge.

She recruits new members of the coven to boost her power—including the first boy. But the other girls have doubts if a boy could understand their problems or become a witch. Katie must walk a fine line to keep the harmony in her secret group.

Now that they’re going online, the coven can coordinate their efforts more than ever before. But will it be enough to save Katie from the hatred of her worst enemy?

Fight fire with fire and see who ends up burned.

Set in the late 90s, this paranormal thriller follows a group of teen girls in the Santa Cruz mountains of California.

If you love rebel girls, witchcraft, 90s nostalgia, revenge on ex-boyfriends, and female friends, put on your favorite music from the 90s and read the 90s Girl Cult series!


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