My 2020 Publishing Plans

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Here are my publishing plans for the coming year. Some don’t have preorder links yet because my cover designer is still working on the covers. This is subject to change, but I really want to try publishing four novels next year.

2020 Publishing Schedule (Tentative)

January 13: The Reluctant Witch: Year One (Santa Cruz Witch Academy #1)
April 6: Riwenne & the Electrical Prophecy (Divine Warriors #4)
2nd quarter: Third Generation Witch: Applying to the Academy (Santa Cruz Witch Academy prequel)
July 13: The Salty Witch: Summer School (Santa Cruz Witch Academy #2)
October: Riwenne & the Ethereal Apparatus (Divine Warriors #5)
January 2021: The Queen of Witch School: Year Two (Santa Cruz Witch Academy #3)

And then the plan would be to continue with the final Divine Warriors book, Riwenne & the God-Killing Machine in 2021. If SCWA is popular, I’ll add a second series about Brie in college.

I regret to say that the third Wyld Magic book, The Reign of Dragons, isn’t anywhere on the schedule right now. I do plan on working on this in bits and pieces as time allows but I’m not making it a priority. I know that there are at least a few people who are waiting for the next book, so I promise that I will get to it someday. The third book will wrap up the series so you will have a satisfying conclusion.

Hope you all will enjoy the books to come!


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