Returning from Hiatus

Things have been going on behind the scenes here. Life got crazy for a while and writing wasn’t happening, but now with the start of the new year I am getting back on track. Small Town Witch is almost finished (for real this time, I swear!) and should be ready for release soon. Keep an eye out for news about this in the next month or two. This novel will be available in paperback and ebook formats (as many platforms as I can manage to get it onto).

I am taking a break from the world of Fae after, though, so I will not be writing the sequel (working title: Fox Hunt) right away. I have lots of notes and research saved for this project, but I just feel the need to do something a little different.

So, while I am preparing Small Town Witch for self-publication and then marketing that novel, I am also working on my newest project. No working title yet, but the main character is named Korinna, so that’s what my files are tagged. This story is a darker fantasy, set in an original world, with lots of monsters and dangerous magic and human betrayal. Korinna’s story will come first, but the world is big enough that I could easily tell the stories of many other characters later. I’m excited with all of the potential available.


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