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Santa Cruz Witch Academy box set released

February 14 is Brie’s birthday, and what better way to celebrate than with a way to bundle Brie’s story for a discount!

This digital “box set” includes all three novels and the prequel novella from the Santa Cruz Witch Academy series. It’s available wide at all retailers for 50% off the price of buying each book separately. Even if you’ve already bought one book, you’ll still save money with the bundle over buying the remaining books one at a time.

The daughter of an infamous witch family wants to find her own path, but even when she goes to a distant school, her past can always find her.

Brie doesn’t want to be like her mother, but she can’t run from her family’s past. The Witchgate tragedy transformed the world and how it views witches. In order to use her powers, she must follow the strict rules of the academy.

She will be tempted into breaking the rules by mermaids, vampires, and werewolf shifters, but the true threat to Brie is something more sinister and closer to home. The Fae aren’t finished with these witches. Brie must discover the danger before it’s too late.


  • “Third Generation Witch: Applications,” the prequel novella
  • The Reluctant Witch: Year One
  • The Salty Witch: Summer School
  • The Daring Witch: Year Two


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