Meet the Divine Warriors

Meet the main characters from my YA steampunk fantasy series, the Divine Warriors, which starts with Riwenne & the Mechanical Beasts. This contains a few spoilers for the first two…

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All the Steampunk News

So many exciting things going on today! I'd better sum it up so you don't miss anything: Riwenne & the Electrical Prophecy releaseSale on the first three booksA special giveaway!and…

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Writing Wednesday: Science vs. Magic

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Riwenne has challenged Illari to a contest to prove whether magic or science is more useful. And when others hear about the challenge, they jump on the idea, including the…

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Writing Wednesday: Kyra’s Jealousy

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After Riwenne challenges Illari to a competition to prove whether magic or science is more useful, Kyra pulls her aside and demands to know what she's doing. She accuses Riwenne…

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Writing Wednesday: Border Crossing

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In today's excerpt, Riwenne and her friends meet up with two characters we haven't seen in a while. Bymonten has been Amena's manager since she was in Star Search and…

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