New Title: Poised for Flight

I finally have a working title for my current project. "Poised for Flight" is the name of the first book, because it's about Korinna earning her wings in the literal…

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My New Project: Korinna

I am so excited about this new book that I am writing and I feel like it’s really coming together. I am so close to publishing Small Town Witch, so I haven’t forgotten about that and I will be doing a lot more work on that very soon to give everyone some excitement for the new release, but right now I just want to let you all now about my newest project and how well it’s going.

I don’t have a title yet, because I am horrible at naming stories. I usually use just the name of the main character as short hand for the story until well into the first draft or even during revision. This book’s main character is Korinna, and since she’s probably going to fill up at least three books, I’ve labeled the project “Korinna Book 1”. Here is the plot in a sentence:

The illegitimate daughter of the murdered duke must capture and tame a dangerous monster in order to take control of the city away from the greedy council before the curse that killed her father destroys them all.


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Returning from Hiatus

Things have been going on behind the scenes here. Life got crazy for a while and writing wasn't happening, but now with the start of the new year I am…

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What is Urban Fantasy?

On a writing forum that I visit, there was a recent discussion about defining fantasy sub-genres, specifically urban fantasy, contemporary fantasy, and magical realism. Genre definitions can get tricky because…

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Work in progress

Working on draft 3 of Small Town Witch, and it's going slowly. I had the first draft finished back in March, at 80k. I was pretty confident at the time.…

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Happy Endings

I scrapped another writing project. I still have it saved, because I don’t like to throw things away, but I’m not working on it anymore and I don’t know if…

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I miss writing

I miss being a writer. I miss the person that I was when I was writing all the time. I miss having that need to.write, the compulsion, that made me…

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Love’s Labour: Ludicrous?

I hate writing love scenes. No, I don’t mean sex scenes; I usually just avoid those altogether. I mean that moment in the story (which is about something else) when…

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A Hodge Podge Update

I have no single coherent thought right now, but there are multiple things that I can cover all at once. For starters, job hunt is going but not yet completed.…

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Moving Right Along

My writing continues to move along at a good pace. I feel excited and energized, but I try not to get too carried away in a big fit of productivity…

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