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Thank you for loving my new book!

I am overwhelmed by all the love you have shared with me for the Divine Warriors series this past week! My heart is full of the wonderful reviews and comments I’ve received about the newest book. It means so much to me to see your enthusiasm for Riwenne and her friends’ adventures.

It’s always bittersweet to finish a series: joy at finally having the ending that I’ve been planning for twenty-five years(!), but also sadness at saying goodbye to the characters and their world. At the same time, I’m excited to move on to other new projects. You’ve already seen the two Vella stories that I’m working on right now (that will be published in ebook and paperback later this year), but I have more things to share with you soon.

Before I go, here are two of the awesome reviews I’ve gotten so far. If you’ve posted a review anywhere, or if you just want to share your thoughts on the book with me privately, please email me! And if you haven’t caught up with the new book, I’m including the link again at the bottom.

Riwenne & the God-Killing Machine

Divine Warriors #6

A teen girl has become a prophet of legend. Now she faces her greatest challenge: killing the sun goddess who oppresses her people.

Riwenne has performed countless miracles and saved hundreds of thousands with her powerful magic. With the aid of the moon goddess, she has turned back time and reversed death. The empire is falling apart and its people are looking to the rebels for help. For the first time in centuries, there is hope of a better future. She’s ready to end the violence and find peace.

But her greatest enemy, the sun goddess Chysa, isn’t going down without a fight. She transforms the empress into a demigod who can bring death and destruction on a scale they’ve never seen before. And together, they make a machine that can kill gods.

To stop the sun goddess once and for all, Riwenne must get her hands dirty again. This time, the evil goddess won’t stop at imprisoning her rival gods. The sun and the moon goddesses are locked in a battle to the death. Riwenne’s friends aren’t strong enough, so she’ll need the help of her own rivals.

Time for her to fulfill her destiny and kill a god.


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