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Thank you for your support!

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The One Million Word Challenge by Writers for Ukraine was on UK time, so it’s officially over! Thank you to everyone who supported the challenge with your encouragement and especially, thanks for donating to our campaign. Here are the final results.

My word counts:

  1. March 9: 3867
  2. March 10: 0 (headache)
  3. March 11: 1407
  4. March 12: 1969
  5. March 13: 1187
  6. March 14: 2208
  7. March 15: 2511

My total was 13,141 words!

Collectively, we wrote over 2 million words and raised £13,747 for charity!

Thanks also to Activated Authors for hosting the challenge, and everyone who sponsored and supported the challenge. It was incredible to see so many people come together for an important cause.

I will continue to do what I can to support democracy and to fight back against fascism everywhere in the world.


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